Dealership Moments- When You Know You Won't be Back!

Oct 10, 2021
I was shopping for my sister. Her saturn SL cracked its head. We agreed I'd buy a car up here in New England and drive it down to DFW. Parents scraped together a few-five grand and I set out trying to find a hyundai still under its 6/60 factory warranty.

Stopped at a dealer that advertised an Accent. Tell the guy I'd like to look at it. Wasn't detailed yet, was still full of trash, tapes, etc. Guy said ah, this may not be for sale after all, it was a trade in and the person's defaulting on the loan so they're going to get back in this car. But, hey, we have this (more expensive) Sonata if you want to go for a spin.

We go out and he's flapping his lips about their 83 point inspection process, their cars are cream of the crop. I roll the driver's window down for some reason. Rolling it up, it stops an inch from closed and the mechanism starts chattering. There was a tinny noise from the rear, guy claimed it was just the dealer license plate on loose. Nope, because it was wedged against the CHMSL in the rear window.

Hit up another dealer. Accent. Brake pedal sunk 2/3 to the floor and the brakes felt warped. Car had 40k miles on it. Dealer started arguing with me that I just had to take that car as it was $10 in gas to get to Boston. Told him to fix the brakes.

Finally found the car I wanted, at a dirt lot dealer in as-is New Hampshire. 3 years old, 52k miles. Base Accent with stick shift and AC. Obese salesman in the trailer-office rambled on about how he enjoyed Viet Nam and re-upped, twice! Upon completing the sale I got the title-- clean, but repossessed. Took this car to Walmart for some $29 13-inch tires, drove it to Dallas where it passed inspection no problem, and handed it off to my sister. Lived a long life in her clutzy hands.
Omg. Buying a car in the rust belt.. to take to texas ?? Where they dont salt ?? Seems like a plan that was backwards.


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Oct 7, 2021
South East USA
Looked at a Toyota Tundra CC a few years back.
I being dumb hand picked my salesperson from their website.
I figured the old gent looked like a nice chap :) Got tired of just getting whomever.

Truck was nice but this dealership only wants 105% of retail.
So I told him I was going to think on it.
During the walk around he is touching me all over- slapping me on the back- softly punching me in the bicep.
Telling cheap jokes of rather low quality.

At this point I'm not really the touchy feely bro- lol
I really wanted to choke him out and put him in the truck bed.
More inappropriate groping continued..
Then he starts this wifey poo nonsense. He said If I'm afraid to call the wife he will do it for me.
I did not tell him I am not married. He kept on and said are you really that scared of your wife?

At this point it was "game on" lol
I said keep my wife out of it. She's dead...........
He said- oh I'm so sorry.... what happened to her he asked ( hand on my shoulder)
I told him she was murdered............. he gulped hard......... he then asked..... did they ever find the killer??????

I said yes, I gave myself up at the scene.......................
He looked like a ghost. He swallowed hard and said I have to catch this call.... never seen him again................ lol

I didn't feel bad because he was a
Best aggravating car salesman story in a while. I have a buddy who was a diesel mechanic into his mid 30s. He went out with his union on a strike and never pulled wrenches again. He took a car sales job (Temporary) he thought. At the time he was struggling financially and raising 4 children.
Well he always had the "gift of gab" so he was a natural salesman. He became one of the Top Sales Agents for Chevrolet in the south east USA region and just retired a very wealth man. He made a fortune selling those Chevys. Anyone can sell but to make it big like Matt did takes a hustler and someone who can talk to a light post. He is also one with a joke or two or ten when you see him.