Dealer put wong oil in.. Please hlep..

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Aug 20, 2003
Please help.. I have been searching this site as well as a few others but I wanted to get some more advice. My dealer put in regular oil after I had told them that I was using Mobil1 in my spec for the last 3000km. So do I need to drain the oil in there and do another oil change with synthetic, or is it ok to drive with regular oil for 1-2000km and then go back to synthetic.

The regular oil won't hurt it, no need to drain it out so soon, just take it to 4000 or 5000km and go back to Mobil 1 the next time.

aboard by the way!
Shouldn't hurt anything, just make sure it was the same viscosity that you had in it before. But screw that, if YOU told him to put M1, then take it back. Last time I checked, customer is always right.
Any SL dino oil can do far longer than you're oil change schedule for synthetic. My rule of thumb would be to change dino at 6-7K km, and synthetic at about 10K depending on the oil (group III or IV) and your driving habits. Don't panic about damage to your engine, there will be none. Stop throwing your money away on short oil changes.

First option: Return to the dealer and make them do what they agreed to do for you.

Second option: Don't 5 or 6 k on that oil and then get it changed.

But first, how long do you plan on keeping that car?...if many, many years, follow options 1 or 2 and then continue with Mobil 1 for the full oil drain interval shown in your owner's manual. If you'll trade that car in a few years, stick with regular oil and 5-6k oil drains until you unload it.

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