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Apr 24, 2009
FL - Gulf Coast
Getting to work on one my favorite aircraft, the Douglas DC10 (They've actually been upgraded to MD10s, but whatever). These things are massive. You just don't appreciate it until your standing underneath it. More to come if anyone would like.
My dad worked on then DC-10 at National Airlines , then at Pan Am. I have always loved the look of the DC-10 and MD-11. I wish I flew them for a living.
We used to fly a lot when I was a kid, and I always loved the DC10's. I haven't seen one in years. I loved how "big" they are and of course the third engine on top of the rear fuselage.
I worked on them for years. That number 2 engine.....pain to work on. I've seen improperly de-iced aircraft ingest ice from the roof of the cabin. Fan blades left the nacelle, no one hurt.
The last use is either fire fighting tanker... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DC-10_Air_Tanker Or KC-10 Air Force Refueler... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/McDonnell_Douglas_KC-10_Extender
I grew with these planes as a child flying between middle east and US(grandparents) I believe on Pan Am.
Plenty of DC-10/MD-11's left in the FedEx fleet. Sixty one DC-10's Sixty MD-11's Up until very recently, FedEx was still flying a 727.
When I saw your thread title and read your first phrase, I had a pretty good idea of who the operator would have to be. Nice to see these rugged old workhorses still in service. It also looks like Fed Ex keeps its aircraft cleaner than do certain passenger airlines. I'm curious how many hours and cycles these old girls have flown, if you're allowed to say. Certainly the current operator isn't piling on either at the rate these things saw in their first life when they were carrying passengers rather than boxes.
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