Dayton Quadra SE Tires

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Aug 6, 2005
On the Ford Aerostar, I bought Dayton Quadra SE tires for it when the original's wore out at 55k miles years ago. The Quadra tires I believe are a 40-45k tire. Now those tires lasted on that van for over 70k miles! I was not very good at rotating them on a regular basis (only when I replaced the brakes or had some work done), but they still lasted a LONG time. [Smile] I liked them so much that I put a second set on. They currently have over 40k on them, and will probably outlast the van! [crushedcar] Another good thing about the Dayton's are the price: less than $200 for a set of 4. Since my Saturn will be due for new tires shortly, I just priced them for it (185/65R14) and they came in at $195 total. Just wanted to let anyone know if they're needing tires to possibly check them out. [Patriot]
Dayton tires are just re-labled Firestones & Bridgstome products. A great bargain if you ask me. Just before I got rid of a late model Jetta, I replaced the Michelin MXV4+ OE tires with some RoadKing (Tires Plus Firestone private label) WideTrack tires. They are a generic FireHawk SS20. The RK tires gave better handling response, had better snow/wet traction and were much quieter than the Michelins. At 25% the cost of the MXV4, the RK was a 200% better deal! I second checking out Firestone/Bridgstone tires…including all the private labels. They are fine tires. (I could talk all day about my bad experiences with Goodyear!)
Dayton tires are made by Bridgestone for sale through independent tire dealers, not company stores or tire chain stores. Ken
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