Daughter totaled her car

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Mar 21, 2005
Elderly County, Florida
Good evening fellow oilers: I know this is off topic - but I just have to share. My daughter just totalled her 95 Saturn SC1. Road was wet, car in front of her stopped quickly, she hit the brakes and slid into the car in front of her. Even though the air bags popped out, she cracked the windshield with her head. She is okay though - thank God for that! Whole front end of the car is one crumpled mass of metal and plastic. The really, really sad thing though, I just changed the oil in that car YESTERDAY! Thanks for listening BITOGers Praise the Lord my little girl is okay!
Ps. Glad to hear she is ok! Sure the airbag didn't crack the windshield? If she were wearing the seatbelt, it would be difficult to go over the airbag and still hit the windshield! Again, really glad she is ok!
That is good news everyone came out okay. Saturns are tough little cars. How was the gas tank? On "E"? That'd have been good timing. [Big Grin]
Glad to hear she is OK. Tough to see/hear your child getting into a serious accident but at least she made it out in one piece. The car can always be replaced. Your daughter (and GC) can't. [Wink]
My daughter was in an accident several years back and totaled her 94 Z-28. She is still feeling effects from where the Gen 1 airbag smacked her. but - the alternative of the steering wheel or dash doing that I'm sure is worse. Glad your lil princess is OK. Cars are not important at all.
Thank God your little girl is ok. Being the daddy to 2 boys and 1 girl I've been there,done that with each one. Only my oldest boy got badly injured and scared the **** out of his mom and I. Give her an extra hug tonight.
Airbags obviously a good thing, but three point seat belt across the body needs to be UNDER the hipbones, so to speak, to be properly fastened. We lost our JEEP in June to a red light runner. Even though wife is short and sits close to wheel, bag was aimed at chest center, not chin, and belt was properly fashioned. Just some aches and pains for a few days (adrenaline stress if nothing else.) Wifes new car is much more sophisticated as to potential arrangements in seating/control/comfort/safety. Haven't yet found golden point. "Memory" seats sure great for experimentation. Glad your little girl is okay, too.
Originally posted by GreeCguy: No, she wasn't wearing her seat-belt, (hence, the cracked windshield).
Every time I see a cracked windshield, I point out to my parents and nephews that if you look closely enough you can see the imprint of a face where the crack is. Lacking experience in that area, they seldom see the need for wearing a belt and often forget to put it on. I keep hoping negative entrenchment will work and someday buckling up becomes a reflex. Me, the survivor of multiple crashes not of my doing.
Thanks everyone for the support, the prayers of thanksgiving and most especially, the reminders of what's important in life. No, she wasn't wearing her seat-belt, (hence, the cracked windshield). The new oil change was cheapie Supertech. The gas tank was almost empty. She went to school today. The funny thing about it though, I told her last night she ought to stay home and rest. She said, "Daddy, I can't miss tomorrow! It's Senior Skip day!" Imagine that - going to school so you don't have to go to school . . . . Somehow I've been out of the loop for a long, long time.
I also am glad she's OK. She learned a lesson the hardway hopefully; WEAR THAT SEATBELT!!! I almost feel naked when I'm riding in a car with the belt off. Hopefully she also learned now that extra distance between you and the car in front of you, even on dry roads, is a critical element to safe and defensive driving. And yes, I'm a total hypocrit for stating that cause I indeed tailgate on occasion [Frown]
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