Dakota 4.7L Sludge

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Jun 25, 2002
I used to be somewhat pleased with my Durango. However, I just had the engine blow on me. [Mad] The dealer has told me that I did not take care and maintain my truck. [Mad] That's a load of crap, I had the oil and filter changed every 3-6,000 miles. Dunno, might be wrong, but I'm thinking this engine sludge issue might have to do with the condensate in the oil filler neck that they covered up with the baffle in the 4.7L engine. [Confused] I have found others on the Internet with the same issue. There is a class action lawsuit regarding this issue. [Cheers!] Looking for comments and an explanation. [I dont know]
I have a 4.7 in my 2002 Dodge quad cab truck.So far after 12,600 miles,I've had no problems.I change it's oil/filter every 3K.I work for a major car rental company as the maint.mgr.,I have 100's of the Durango's and Jeeps' with the 4.7,we change oil at 6K,have had no problems with those either.Where on the internet did you see the info about lawsuits and other owners with the same problems??
However, I just had the engine blow on me
Please further define "blow". Please retain a sample of oil for independent analysis. What kind of oil and filter? I highly doubt it to be the fault of the oil if you used adequate oil of the correct viscosity and changed at 3-6K.
ACCUMULATION OF FOAMY OIL EMULSION 4.7L ENGINE OIL FILL HOUSING Date: 09/11/00 (02/00) Bulletin # 090100A (supercedes 090100) Model year(s): 1999-2000 Description:A customer may complain of an oil emulsion accumulation inside the engine oil fill housing. The oil emulsion will normally be foamy and be gray or light brown in color. The emulsion accumulation will often occur on cooler engine surfaces, like the inside of the oil fill housing. Modern engine oils are designed to address the oil emulsion phenomenon. Oil emulsion accumulation is normal and will not damage the engine A new baffle and a revised oil fill housing cap have been released. The baffle and oil cap will help to reduce the amount of oil emulsion accumulation within the oil fill housing. Details: If the customer has experienced this issue, then perform the Repair Procedure. Parts required: 53032126AA Baffle, Oil Fill Housing 53032389AC Cap, Oil Fill Housing
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