DaimlerBenz 3403-M 115 ATF

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Oct 3, 2008
Purchased some of this stuff today (part number: A001 989 21 03 10), to use in the A/T and transfer case of an '05 ML500. The label hasn't got a word of English, other than "Keep Away From Children" and I don't think there was much technical info in German either. But the mandatory product info sticker in Arabic, that's stuck on the side, classifies it as ATF Dexron III. It isn't a synthetic though. There's no mentioning of the MB Sheet 722.6 specification on it, either.

I found this a bit confusing, seeing this stuff costs $11 per litre as opposed to, say Motorcraft Mercon V that also meets Dexron III requirements at $4.25 per litre. Does anybody have any info on this ATF? Thanks!
Thanks for the input! IMO no fluid lasts "forever", so I don't beleive in "lifetime" lubricant idea MB wanted us to beleive.

I wasn't considering Mercon V, but rather using it as a comparison example, if the said MB product was simply Dexron III. Universal ATF isn't really widely available here, because people have a thing for using everything "OEM", but I beleive Castrol offers one locally as does Mobil. Will be worth looking into.
I think Chryler/Mopar ATF+4 is the same as MB ATF A001-989-45-03-10 for 7-speed (722.9), and this new MB part number replace the old A001 989 21 03 10 5-speed (722.6).
What automakers and transmission manufacturers do is pick DexronIII as a starting point.

Take your DexronIII. Then force the ATF to be a blend, a full synthetic or made with some 'select' oil base stocks, add some hot/cold and shearing viscosity requirements that are better, require a shift quality HFM performance level, insert "some silly OE requirement" here....... and there you have your fancy OE fluid. The fancy ATF is still backwards compatible with DexronIII but no way is normal DexronIII forward compatible with it.
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