D7 scan tool with Bi-directional control for under $500


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA

D7 scan tool with Bi-directional control for under $500​

Interesting video- I am not fluent on bi-directional scan tools.
Thanks for posting such a great, inclusive review.

FUNNY: The absence of a kickstand was cited as a minor inconvenience.
The second tool mentioned HAD a kickstand but it barely worked!
Xtool is making some waves with their scan tools because they're surprisingly powerful for the $. That said, they seem to be like any other Chinese knock-off: you'll probably get lucky but glitches and failure rates are higher.

Take some time to read the reviews on Amazon of the D7 before making a purchase

I recently ordered the A30 Pro for around $270. It seems to have most of the functionality of the more expensive Xtools but is - obviously- way cheaper. I kinda like the buttons AND touch screen. I'm leary of a Chinese integrated battery in a cordless scan tool. The BT works surprisingly well, I recently had it plugged into a '00 Taco with doors closed and windows up and was standing ~25' in front of the vehicle with communication.

Also IIRC the D7 and others don't get free LT updates but supposedly the A30 Pro does. Not sure why they did it that way.

Here's one review, but as always do your own research and consult your doctor. Don't believe that all scanners are "safe and effective"

Unfortunately the A30 Pro shows unavailable ATM:
Also, I'll say my reasoning was that ~$500 was still a chunk of change for a "knock off" scan tool. If I were going to throw down $500 for something with an internal battery and touch screen I'd just bank that $500 and add enough to get a "real" tool.

That's just my risk assessment, doesn't mean I'm right. For whatever arbitrary reason I figured sub-$300 for the A30 Pro was an acceptable risk, but ~$500 was not. There's not really a right or wrong answer in the assessment of risk with one's finances, so do as you will.

And yeah, I'm sure Xtool would be indignant at my suggestion they're not a "real" scan tool. Ok. If they're still around in 10 years and their equipment and touch screens and battery longevity and product support prove to not be glitchy AF I'll change my tune.

Basically, just realize you're not buying a ratchet that'll work for 15 years then need a rebuild kit you can drop in yourself.....electronics are a different ball game
I'm in the market for a scan tool also. What is a real scan tool? I think you mean a pro scanner. I cannot afford one of those, how do I get the best for my money that has a good reputation for reliability?