Cutting open a filter..

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Cheapest "real" filter cutter I could find was $38 and I would have to order it. I have a Harbor Freight store a few miles down the road.
I would go for the muff pipe cutter. Lighter, more cutters, more suitable to filter wall thickness. But is 3.25" big enough?

I have heard people have issues trying to use the big boy plumbing pipe cutter on (smaller) oil filters.
I believe it's big enough. Here are the specs on my filter...

Part Number: 51040
UPC Number: 765809510401
Principal Application: GMC -Chevy, Monza, Corsa Venture,Shilouet,S10,Blazer,Pontiac Sunfire,Grand Prix,Grand AM,LUV Bonneville,Malibu LS LX,Impala 01-,Cavalier,Camaro, Corsa, Aztek,UPLANDER3.5 SUZUKI Forenza 04- , Reno 05- ,
All Applications
Style: Spin-On Lube Filter
Service: Lube
Type: Full Flow
Media: Paper
Height: 3.404
Outer Diameter Top: 2.921
Outer Diameter Bottom: Closed
Thread Size: 18X1.5 MM
By-Pass Valve Setting-PSI: None
Anti-Drain Back Valve: Yes
Beta Ratio: 2/20=15/31
Burst Pressure-PSI: 325
Max Flow Rate: 7-9 GPM
Nominal Micron Rating: 19
Of the two, I'd try the first. I remember someone here trying the pipe cutter and said it crushed the filter can.

I got the one from Summit Racing for Christmas. It works fine, but on a filter smaller than 3" OD the filter doesn't hit the guide wheels. But, it works with a few turns.

Summit Filter cutter
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