Cutting edge urban farming to help survive hunger.

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Sep 4, 2006
Today I realized that there is still hope for humanity as we multiply. Each time we reach a milestone, such as the 7 billion number a few months ago, there are always sceptics who doubt about the sustainability of the growth. Due to the event unmentionable on these forums, there is a large scale migration of population in Africa from rural areas to the cities as the weather patterns change and the deserts expand. In Kenya, most of these internally displaced people live in poor neighborhoods, in houses built from corrugated sheet metal and mud. There are no jobs and they sometime go hungry. They have two choices - either starve to death or get innovative. They have chosen agricultural innovation where they grow veggies in vertical gardens. That's basically a recycled burlap bag filled with rocks at the bottom and soil on top. The crops, usually quick growing and nutritious, are then planted and irrigated with recycled water. Water is precious so they use brown water from washing to irrigate their gardens. It's quite amazing and has made me realize how we squander the precious resources - our land and water - without thinking twice and without realizing how lucky we are. Here is a small article and video telling about it.
It's things like this and the cool light bulb one that remind me that people have what it takes to survive. Gives you hope in a world of stupid......
Innovative is not their strong point,so that pretty much narrows it down. Edit :Just today you realized? It's a very harsh reality, but no one man can save the planet.
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