Cut Open Fram with Magnet

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Mar 17, 2008
I changed my oil and took some pics. Switched to a Fram Tough Guard this time as I was in a hurry at Walmart and got it and a jug of Mobil 1 HM 10w-30.

**I also found a big buldge on the inside sidewall of the front tire! Got another used one right after the oil change.
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We need some pics
The Fram filter looks very cheap, its media is thin and not many pleads. The magnet didn't do very good job of catching metal bits, may be the engine didn't shed much metal to begin with.
It's a cheaply made filter but it looks like it held up fine. How long was it in service?
Yes minimal pleats I thought.

In service 5,000 miles. Magnet on for last 2,000 miles.
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WOW where is the filter area? So much space between each fold. The Motorcraft FL1A was packed between each fold. No space like that.

Does this make you want to change filters? Or are you going to stick with Fram?
Jaymus: I am not a fan of Fram filters but it was convienent at the time I bought it. So was buying the Fram Toughguard this time. I will see what that looks like when I tear it apart.

As far as the magnet I am glad if it catches anything. The less circulating in the engine the better. I am curious to see what it will look like after a full run. **This vehicle has over 100,000 miles on it so alot of the heavy wear has already happened. Plus I don't abuse it. Would be nice to see one on a vehicle during break in.
Toughguard has the better media in it.

But Extended is built beefier and has more capacity.
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