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Dec 30, 2006
My parents weren't always very attentive. We were to be NOT seen nor heard most of the time. "just go out and play!" was a common phrase in my household. I think that's a big difference. Today's version of "just go out and play" is "here's an iPad, leave me be."

Being offended has been around forever, btw. If you disagree, it's probably because you're a straight white male. :eek:

In all seriousness, I remember being offended all of the time when kids would pick on me in middle school. That usually ended with a punch to their face. I was raised kind of wild. I also felt offended for the queer kids who were beat on and picked on mercilessly. If you can't tell, we had a lot of ghetto kids in my schools, which is likely different than what you experienced, and definitely different than what my kids will experience.
^^Right on!

We were always told to "play outside" and not be in the house. If someone pissed us off in school, we met up someplace after school and settled it man to man (actually kid to kid haha). I also stood up for the outcasts, the kids who were "different" and got picked on. I made some of my still to this day best friends that way, by stepping in and beating the life out of the so called "tough guys" who would be picking on them. I'm still that way to this day, I'll always step in for the underdog and defend them. It's funny when you run into these douchebags now from back then, they're all just broke down old men and the ones they picked un grew up, got in crazy good physical shape, and are successful.
Jul 23, 2017
Off World
Prior to his death Dr. Steven Hawking, predicted another extinction event within fifty years. Natural or man. An electromagnetic pulse would send us back into the stone age and cull the herd.

He encouraged humanity to move into space. If we can't get our civilization right, we shouldn't go into the heavens! Too late.
Mar 4, 2017
And then they hold onto it and don't spend it. "Velocity of a dollar" is an important economic measure. Look at how peoples homes are more and more being owned by REITs with people leasing for life. This sort of situation doesn't end well...

Good point.