Current Price paid for GC?

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Feb 24, 2006
St. Louis
I just bought 5 qts of GC at local AZ for $5.49/qt. which seems to be getting a bit steep. Just a month or so ago it was $4.99-$5.19. I will be able to cash in a "frequent buyer" gift card for $20.00 for buying $100.00 worth of stuff in the last couple months. Of course, it will most likely be used for MORE GC!!!!!
About 3 weeks ago, it cost $5.19/qt + tax.
I think this is their normal price.

About 2 months ago, it cost $4.59/qt + tax.
They had some discout sale going on.
I've tried the price match thing two times now and they say they won't match a "sale" price.
I just went to AutoZone today with a Kragen's $1/qt off all synthetic oils coupon. (Mobil, Castrol, Penzoil, Valvoline)

First, Most AZ's won't take competitors' coupons. This is different than price matching...
I was lucky enough to find one that did.

Now for my unlucky part... The manager tried to take $1/qt off. He said he was unable to because the system wouldn't let him. He tried for a good couple of minutes.

I don't know if he was pulling my chain, incompetent, and/or telling the truth. I just kindly thanked him for trying and left the store.

So your YMMV with getting them to change the price.
I paid $5.49 per quart for eight quarts of GC today at the AZ in Oak Harbor, WA (the ONLY reason I stopped there too- it's quite a small town. Happened to see it a few days prior...).

I have yet to use any GC in my '95 Civic, '77 Chev 454 pickup or the old reliable '75 slant-six Dart Sport, now semi-retired... For now I just use it in my small 4-stroke cycle equipment.
Update to my previous post:

I went to another AZ today, they took my coupon. So it was $4.49/qt instead of $5.49/qt.

Now, I want to go there when they have a sale AND there's a coupon (Mmmm $3.49/qt)


Oh yeah, just FYI - the manager told me, "Save your rewards card even if it expires. We'll transfer everything to the new card."
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