Curious...oil weights for my Toyota engine?

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Sep 15, 2002
Scottsdale, AZ
Just curious about all the recommended oils Toyota lists in the manual for my engine (3VZ-E) around the world. If anyone has knowledge about this subject, I'm interested. For reference: my manual says 5w30 for colder temps(below 45*F,12*C), otherwise 10w30(0*F,-18*C to above 100*F,38*C). Thanks. [Cheers!]
Found it! Castrol 10W40 Magnatec blend or 20W50 dino, Mobil 10W40, 15W40, 5W50 syn, 15W50, BP Visco 3000 (dino 15W50), 5000 (syn 5W40), Caltex (Havoline) 5W40 syn, 20W50 dino, Shell Helix Plus 15W50 only (can't ascertain if dino or blend). Sorry not a 5W30 or 10W30 to be seen and if you understand CAFE you already know why.
My manual shows a sort of bar chart type thing, with grades blending into each other from a xxW starting point to a xxW-yy finishing point. (if that made any sense) 5W-30 from -29C to 10C 10W-30 from -18C, merging to 10W-40 at 10C, to 10W-50 at about 33C. 15W-40 from -12C, merging to 20W-40 at 16C, to 20W-50 at about 33C
In your location I would think 10W30 would be fine for year round use assuming engine is not using oil.
Thanks sprintman and Shannow for the Oz #s. Our engines should be the same, shannow, between the 90 4runner and my 93 truck if its the V6. Welcome to the Wacky CAFE, eh, sprintman! RTexasF: I've been using 10w30 since new except for a brief stint of 10w40 (switched back...didn't feel "right", more sluggish). I have M1 10w30 in right now but I'm considering a 5w30 to cover a broader range. It does freeze here (snowed a couple times in the past 16 years, too [Big Grin] ) and I make a couple ski trips yearly. I was figuring since I only drive 10k-12k per year, the 5w30 would cover the range better than 10w30, and, through analysis, would try for a one oil change per year routine. I have some Lube Control on the way, will see if this will help reach my goal. Or maybe do 6 month/6k changes...who knows. Sorry, got off my topic. Any other countries? [Smile] [ December 28, 2002, 01:10 PM: Message edited by: Toy4x4 ]
I have also noticed that US oils are on average thinner than those in Aus (and perhaps Europe). Is this because of the generally warmer climate in Australia (mild winters and very hot summers) or because US have very tough emissions/economy standards? BTW, the oil recommended for the newer holden V6 and V8 (LS1) engines is 10 - 30 which seems is similar to the US. FYI, I have a 1987 5L Holden V8 using 20 - 50 dino oil and frequent changes. Cheers [ December 29, 2002, 10:15 PM: Message edited by: Andrew ]
Andrew, I think Sprintman is right about CAFE as the reason for the lighter viscoscities in the states. I worked at a Shell service station about 17 years ago, and we used to get some very derogatory comments from customers that the super SF was "only" a 20W-40. The XMO at (5 or 10)W-30 had very bad press as the destroyer of engines. As to winters, here in Lithgow, we regularly get -5 to -8 (celsius) in winter, and high 30s (and sometimes 40) in summer.
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