Cummins 6.7L P0101 and P2281

Oct 7, 2012
Northern Ontario, Canada
Have a 2016 Ram 3500 6.7L Cummins Limited Dually with 70,000 miles setting these codes. MAF was changed. Intake air leaks checked/fixed.
The CEL illuminates and then the engine derates and goes into limp mode after driving 30 miles.
Any thoughts on the remedy here?


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Had a '17 Ram come in with those DTC's awhile back, Smoked the CAC & Intake system.....No leaks found. Turned out the Intake Heater Grid was 60% plugged with soot from the EGR system.
My point is that restrictions in the Low Pressure or High Pressure air intake system can cause those DTC's.
Anything that causes measured airflow to be less than expected will set the P2281. As clinebarger said, an intake restriction can cause it, as can a leak including an EGR valve sticking open
I try all avenues to help my customers, this blog is one of those avenues.
Super intelligent folks on here with tons of real world experience.
Fair enough. Usually techs get pretty upset if non-techs get involved with the diagnosis of a vehicle, hence the question.