CTR is the best brand of sway bar links to use now

Mar 20, 2008
Central Corporation aka CTR makes awesome suspension parts including sway bar links. They are made in South Korea, and CTR is an OE supplier. 1 out of 3 new cars comes with CTR parts from the factory.

They feature wrench flats on the other end so you can install them easier without having to worry about that stupid hex key stripping off and rusting (which often makes you have to cut the old ones off). This makes it better than any other OE or aftermarket sway bar link.

Deeza had this design when they sold parts under their own name here. Some Moog and Mevotech end links have it too, but Mevotech is garbage, and Moog isn't what it used to be, either (plus they have those stupid greaseable fittings you have to to off regularly). That's why I'm glad I found CTR.

Although CTR isn't sold on Rock Auto, you can get them from Partsgeek at a fair price. Buying CTR from Amazon is also safe because CTR has their own seller account, so you buy direct from the manufacturer (it says sold and shipped from CTR). While Napa also carries CTR, they do cost a lot more.

One the ones I got, even the nuts are coated, so they won't rust :D

(this stock image doesn't show the coated nuts, so it's possible they switched after publishing this photo)