cSt110C, etc??

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Jul 10, 2003
Not Seattle, but close.
Can somebody cure my ignorance? The numbers for cSt @100 and 40 degrees, higher numbers better for both?
If you were choosing an oil based on these(and other factors, of course) would you choose one with higher or lower cSt numbers.
The same for Viscosity index.
Thank you, and forgive my lack of knowledge!
I would not pick an oil based on viscosity index raw numbers. It's much more involved than that. One could be lower because it has an ultra stable base and needs no VI improvers. A higher one could have stable VI's or cheaper ones that might break down.

cst @ 100C is a good viscosity indicator at operating temperature.

There is no better or worse for either.

Picking an oil based on raw spec. data is a very misleading exercise at times.

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