Crock Pots

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Oct 28, 2002
Everson WA - Pacific NW USA
I know you guys, especially the Aussies only cook the best foods on earth in $700 pots....but what is your favorite crock pot cooked item?

Mexican stews and slow cooked stringy beef come to mind.
Afghani Lamb Shanks (had that last night). Any curry or stew etc. All organic of course. I just read that slow cookers (were crock pots) have mad massive sales increases over the last few years. The Slow Food movement has a lot to do with it. Convenience is another asit can tuern on while your at work and 3 or 4hrs later an awesome meal awaits you. I hear bigger domestic versions are on the way. We have a 5.5 litre. And at last Pablo you've realised the truth!!
Pot Roast (yeah, I got the idea off some yanks)
but I use lamb, and quite a bit of tomato and stuff.

Guinness Stew (layers are important).
1st layer 600g chuck steak cubed.
Mix with 1 tablespoon vegemite, 2 tablespoons of tomato paste (acid acts as a tenderiser), and a half teaspoon garlic powder)
2nd layer 1 1/2 cup chopped onion.
3rd layer 1 1/2 cup diced carrot.
4th layer 1 cup chopped celery
5th layer 3/4 cup swede (sortof turnip), and 3/4 cup parsnip.

Put about 1 1/2 cups of very finely chopped pumpkin (QLD blue) cooks down and thickens the gravy.

Sprinkle with mixed spices, a tablespoom of Worcestershire. Dump a 400g tin of crushed tomatoes on top.

Add a 2/3 of a stubby of guiness.

Cook really slow for a long time. Stir jus tas you add the dumplings.

Dumplings 3/4 cup wholemeal self raising flour, 3/4 cup of white self raising flour, rub in 2 tablespoons butter until it's like "breadcrumbs".

Then cut in milk (or light beer) until it's a bit stickier than scone dough.

Make dumplings, and cook them in.

Must be served with a good dollop of "dead'orse", and tastes even better on toast for Brekkie the next morning.

No $700 kit, $17 cheapie.
Guys that sounds good! Andits 4:30 in the AM here!!!

Tell me more about this Afghan lamb shank recipe.

swede=rutabaga here

A bigger pot would be better.
Porridge (boil rice in a lot of water).

Depends on your preference it could be flavored (with seafood or meat), or plain (add salt and eat it with side dishes). It could be as thick as oatmeal or as thin as tomato soup.

It is mostly for breakfast, the standard breakfast of the old days in most Asian culture.
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