Credit card came late after mail theft incident. What would you do?

Aug 5, 2002
Silicon Valley
Last Saturday I got a call from our neighboring city's police department, saying that they found some stolen mail in their city. I went there and all I can find is a kid's magazine, a Macy's package bag, and an ebay package's bag (sippy cup silicone replacement straw). Apparently someone took mails along many places, taking the valuable, then toss their envelopes in their city. I knew Capital One sent out a new card recently and I suspected they got stolen, but they want me to wait a few days before I file for lost card.

Today I got a text from Capital One saying that I should have received the card by now, and I finally found the card in the mail. The envelope seems ok except a tiny rip at the glue "tip" but not completely open, it didn't look wet or reglued. I would say I am 75% sure it has not been opened by an unskilled lazy homeless or theft, but if anything it is possible some professional could have opened it, copy the 3 digit security code, then seal it back. There is no more magnetic strip and I don't think it is easy to hack a chipped card and if they can do it they probably can make money in other ways instead of targeting me.

So, since I have to renew all the auto payment anyways because of the new exp date and security code, I have a feeling I should just tell Capital One that I "did not receive the card" and get a new number / new security code card instead of hoping things would be safe. I know most likely it is fine because it is chipped, but it doesn't cost anything to use a different card if I am concerned.

Am I worrying too much? or it seems to be the right thing to do?
Yes, get a new card, deal with the short term pain if changing all of the autobills and sleep easy at night.
Also, sign up for USPS Informed Delivery, and you'll receive an email every day letting you know what should be in your mailbox when you open it.

It saves me a log of hassle. Our postal service is terrible here . We all get each other's mail in my neighborhood and have to sort it out ourselves. But it's nice to know if important mail is missing.
Go with your gut and tell them you didn't get the card and need them to replace the replacement.

Signing up for Informed Delivery is a good idea, but the USPS does have a disclaimer that what you see in "today's" e-mail may still take up to 5 days before it's actually in your mailbox, so keep that in mind. At least you'll have an idea that you should be seeing mail soon.
Yes, your worrying too much.
I could care less about credit card theft or fraud on any of my credit cards and its why I use credit cards (besides the cash back) its the credit card company concern not your concern if fraudulent charges appear on your card. It doesnt cost you anything for fraud on a card.

If that happens, they will send you out a new card and wipe off the fraudulent charges. I think you are thinking way to far ahead, there is no reason for concern about any credit card.

If this was a bank debit card that might be cause for concern, you do not have the same protections and for the life of me dont understand why people use debit cards linked DIRECTLY to their bank accounts. If you have fraud based on a debit card charge to your checking account, you have to prove to the bank you didnt charge it. Never use a debit card for anything except taking cash out at an ATM, makes no sense at all to go into stores and whip out a debit card to purchase items, just dumb.

With a credit card it would have to be proven by the credit card company you made the charge which cant be done if you didnt do it and they can not charge you and they do not charge you. In fact for us the few times it happens either online dispute or calling them, we get instant credit/refund. I did have a more drawn out one once in my life some years back, someone bought some cell service ATT on the other side of country, not only had my cc information, but my name, address ect... didnt matter because it wasnt my charge but since they had so much correct info I did have to sign a paper saying it wasnt me. They can not and do not attempt charge you for something you didnt charge, they cant/impossible.
Its the reason to have a credit card and they pay you 2% to 5% on every purchase you make to use it! It adds up quick, at least on my cards. :eek:)
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I'd ask for a new CC. The issue isn't the fraudulent charges, it's having to update your auto pays twice. I always seem to miss one and get a missed payment notice.

I used a very sketchy ATM in Philly a few years ago. Decided that was a bad idea and went to my bank and told them. They were very nice and gave me a new ATM card in 5 minutes. Not sure why Capital One would be so cavalier against towards giving you a new card. A couple dollars worth of prevention could save them thousands in theft charges.
Here in Chicago, the police probably would not even bother to come out either. Big cities are seeing an increase in violent crime and it will always take priority over lesser offenses. It sucks but it is what it is.
Here in Chicago, the police probably would not even bother to come out either. Big cities are seeing an increase in violent crime and it will always take priority over lesser offenses. It sucks but it is what it is.
Not much better in the suburbs. When I was hacked 4 years ago, the credit bureau recommended I file a police report so I went to the station to do that. Or try to do that. The officer I spoke with pretty much blew me off saying that if the card company has issued a new card and there wasn't a physical act were I was robbed, there's nothing they were going to do.
Cook County suburbs are similar to Chicago. But once you get out into Dupage, Kane and the other "collar burbs", criminal consequences start to increase.