Coyote near the house

May 30, 2010
North Carolina
My trail cam caught this in the daytime 4:30 in the afternoon.
I have 2 dogs and an outside cat.

This was about 50 ft from my back yard.
I don't necessarily like to keep kill things, but this is a bit close for my pets. Coyotes are not native to the area.
We have them in the area here but they usually don't come into town. With the shutdowns last year, a lot of stuff wasn't going on and most everyone was hunkering down ... We had a few in our neighborhood. Had to tell the fiance DO NOT LET THE DOG OUT IF SHE IS BARKING. Last thing we need is for the dog to tangle with a coyota.
We had lots of them in South Dakota. They'd come into the barn yard and poach a chicken every now and then. Their best weapon is their smarts. I swear sometimes they could read my mind when they saw I had a rifle in my hands.
Just listened to an hour show on the radio about them. They cover Canada to central America and CA to making their way to the eastern tip of LI.

They apparently have expanded their range over the last 200 years and they provide excellent rodent control in NYC; very adaptable.
No coyotes here that I’ve seen or have been reported by the local town chat groups... but we have had a lot of red fox move in over the last two years.
Coyotes are all over. You just can't see them. I see them frequently in Western Mass.
Make sure to pick up after the dog, as it will attract them. Some say human (or any predators) urine is a deterrent.
^This. I currently live on the edge of the city where things start to get more rural so I see more of them now, but even when I was in a completely built-up area, I saw a few - at least the ones that let me see them...
On the local reddit group, someone posted that their dog chased a bobcat out of their backyard in the past few days. In this case, it was in a very urban neighborhood on the outskirts of downtown Dayton (OH). It is not a rural area at all, no real surrounding rural areas except a river. The bobcat could have followed the river or others suggested maybe abandoned rail easements.
North Carolina has plenty of Coyotes. They are know to take house cats and small dogs. They are the apex predators. When there are no wolves or cougars and few bears to keep them in check, their populations increase.
I know there is a lot of coyote hate out there, but I am a fan of them. They chomp on mice and voles regularly. Even the presence of a coyote in the area keep mice from moving. I guess maybe I hate mice more than than anything else, so my enemy's enemy is my friend.
I'm with you, coyotes do a lot of good. They get a bad rap that they don't deserve.
I'm with you, coyotes do a lot of good. They get a bad rap that they don't deserve.
They are helpful in dealing with rodents, but the problem is they get too comfortable around people and lose their fear of humans. This can cause them to get aggressive and go after small children, or become bold and come out during the daytime. I have a few on my trail camera, but they usually come out at night, or early morning. It's a bit abnormal to see them in the middle of the day.
Plenty of them around in the Seattle area. As we go into spring and summer we see quite a few squirrels and rabbits. Then come the coyotes and after a while the squirrels and rabbits start to disappear. A few neighborhood cats get caught as well.
Found this one dead on the back patio after mowing one day. Startled me when I walked up on it! I think it was probably poisoned as it didn’t have any signs of trauma and it’s unusual for them to run up towards the house. I think he was dying in some bushes and I startled him with the mower and he expired right there.
I'm with you, coyotes do a lot of good. They get a bad rap that they don't deserve.
They do need to be selectively bred though, no bold coyote should live to be old IMO, especially if they get some dog DNA in there and run in packs. We get 50lb males and 35lb females here and they have taken down a decent size deer in our woods so they are no joke.
I don't actively hunt them but every couple years we get one or two that gets bold enough to be within shooting range of the house often enough for me to notice and that's the end of that's ones family tree...
My one neighbor used to have dogs with some Rhodesian Ridgeback in them that could chase down coyotes and kill them which is pretty impressive, but they were all over the township which was more of a problem than the coyotes, and eventually they didn't make it home either.