Could switching back and forth from conventional & syn .oil be BAD????

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Aug 22, 2003
I'm only asking as I heard from a few friends that "once you go Full Syn. oil you cann't go back to conventional oil due to causing spun bearings, along with other problems!!!". Now I really do not believe this but I know some on the board do switch ALOT and has anyone have/had any problems? I'm thinking of switching from M1 to Pennz or Chevron conventionals to see how my car likes them but I do not want to cause a problem. BTW my car is a 99 GTP [Burnout]
Nope, been doing it for four years, no problems.5W-30 M1 in the winter//// Pennzoil 10-30 spring summer fall. [ October 27, 2003, 11:19 PM: Message edited by: badnews ]
BS. Myth. Switching will not cause spon bearings, etc OK Maybe in theory switching all over the map may be just tad hard on seals, supposedly with different shrink and swell rates. I even call BS on this. Don't sweat it. Next?
Swithing back and forth between conventional and synthetic oil should not cause any problems. Is the GTP a Pontiac turbo? If so I would suggest using a fully synthetic oil. Turbos are just **** on "dino" oil! There was a really TERRIBLE UOA a while back on a VW turbo that had been filled with Pennzoil conventional 5W-30 and run for only 3,000 miles. [crushedcar]
Been doing the same as badnews with Mobil1 winters and Pennzoil in the summers. Doing that system since '92. This year I am going with Chevron convention and sythetic.
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