could I change from Fluid Film to something else

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Mar 21, 2004
Near the beach in Delaware
say I did a vehicle now with Fluid Film and by spring I decided I wanted to do something else like Eastwood Rust Encapsulator. Would the Fluid Film cause problems with the next product?
good question. I was considering moving away from rust check and investing in Krown rustproofing equip and DIY.
naturally you'll have to clean all the fluid film off, powerwash, wirebrush, prime with denatured alcohol etc. Eastwood sells a prep that goes along with all there rustproofing products. or you could use denatured alcohol or gas.
I should point out, this was purely a "what if" question. Obviously if I try Fluid Film I hope it will work. But want to know ahead of time what is the deal in moving to something else.
Chances are, it will be washed off by spring...we did my dad's truck with fluid film and it was completely washed off and dry by spring. This was a SINGLE Pennsylvania winter and about 150 miles a day. We went back to our mix of oil/ATF.
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