Cost/BENEFIT: good dino vs. Schaeffer vs M1

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Jun 3, 2002
Just bought a new Chrysler minivan with 4 banger (last one went 190K on Jiffylube, still purring). My wife drives it 1 MILE to work. Some city/highway miles. Figured to stick to the 3,000 OCI (maybe 4K). Will also use 5w30(preferred) winter/10w30 summer according to manual.

Will save $ doing changes myself. Will the quality differences in these three oils warrant spending more (will try to keep this baby to 200K if I can keep it from getting crunched, might keep the wife of 27 yrs. also!).

I'm eally interested in the Schaeffers and looking for a better 5w30 (less viscosity breakdown) oil. Use Pennzoil now.

Please share your expertise. Except not you knuckleheads - you know who you are.

Have a great weekend.
If you stick religiously with 3K OCI, you'll be fine. I've been doing that in my '90 Olds with 180K and still strong. The only time synthetic would benefit you on a cost point would be to run extended drains. I'm talking at least 6K to 10K. Some folks just aren't comfortable with that and stick with the old standby: dino/filter every 3K and be done with it.
Yours is a case where short change intervals with dino oil might be better for the car than long change intervals with synthetic. I say this because of the very short trips and thus the high amount of fuel and moisture contamination the oil is going to endure.

I would use a good dino like Chevron Supreme and change it every 3 months.

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