Cost Aside-Dino vs Blend

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Mar 16, 2004
Hi, I am writing to ask with cost aside, what will using a dino vs blend of same brand (say Castrol or Pennzoil) give me. I am hoping for a 4-5k miles OCI which by UOA appears is possible with dino. Does a blend help in this aspect. Thanks for insight. I know Shaeffer's is a great oil, but in this case Walmart will perform the change at $15.00 dino or $20.00 for blend.
My opinion is a true PAO blend will outperform any OTC dino in all respects and is worth the additional money . I would think PAO blends could use less pour point depressants and possibly even less VI improvers depending. Problem is they are few and far between in over the counter oils . The Mobil blend and Quaker State High Performance Engine blend are the only two OTC's that I know of .
I think that Schaeffers is vastly superior to the other OTC blends. And if Cost aside I would go with the Schaeffer's. If you are going a 5K OCI (at least) its probably to the blend route at Wallyworld. But with "cost aside" I wouldn't go there.
If your going just around to 4K, Pennz. purebase will get you there, easily. The blends, you should be able to stretch that interval out to 5 or 6.
Originally posted by novadude: I thought Maxlife was a PAO blend too?
It's not marketed as one but if the PAO is around 10% or more it would meet the criteria for marketing as a blend . It don't take much PAO to boost them up. Schaeffers 30wts are 16% or close to it . It's their 15w-40 that has more ...I can't remember but around 25% PAO ?
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