Corvair graveyard

recently read about corvairs that were noted as a fun older car + still cheap. early issues fixed + an economical option!
Flat 6 cyl engine, and one of the first American made vehicles to use a turbocharger!
Now if it wasn't for the dumb fan belt....
But they didn't use electric motors to run cooling fans back then. Just imagine what it could have been.
Never heard of this place when I had a '64 convertible well before the internet and it's not too far from me. Did mail order with Clark's Corvair when they had a huge catalog. They still around? Wonder how long before the neighbors try to get the place shut down if they haven't already.
Live not far from there, spent many hours there picking parts when I restored my 1966 Monza Coupe, nice people, very helpful, experts on everything Corvair. Yes Clark's Corvair Parts is still alive and well. There is a very active Corvair community.
Lots of Corvairs are still around, as they made 1.8 million of them in lots of different configurations and body styles.