Correct OEM Mazda ATF for 2002 Protege 5?

Fayetteville, NC
Not for me, but a friend owns one and thinks the trans is slipping, and needs an ATF change. It's a sport shift auto (where it has the manual shiftability). He wants to take OEM Mazda ATF to the local mechanic. I find conflicting info on the web on which is the correct ATF. Some sites state Mazda M5 ATF, and some state Mazda M3 ATF. Anyone knows which is the correct one? Thanks.
Santa Barbara, CA
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Ah! Thanks much, bdc! Will pass it onto friend... (also just found an online ownner's manual which confirms M5 (or M-v)
Ya Mazda makes this chart that basically looks like what you would use for a kid's placemat with all the fluid apps on it.