Correct fluid for 2006 F250 6.0 Powerstroke 5R110W?

Jul 26, 2007
I am helping a friend get all the servicing on his truck up to date. He is unsure when the last time the trans was serviced (truck has 130K, auto trans). Factory fill is Mercon SP, however most online sources show Mercon LV as the correct fluid to use. The plan is to do 3 drain/fills in close intervals along with changing the filters. Any input is appreciated.

The correct fluid is Mercon SP, But later 5R110's did call for Mercon LV.

*A total exchange/Rebuild.....Mercon LV is what I would use.
*Drain & Fill's......Stay with Mercon SP.
LV is specced for service fill on all 5R110s. atfUS.pdf

Mercon SP is still sold for the 6HP26\6R60\75. SP is often referred to as a clone of the ZF 6HP factory fill, after some research they are both variants of Shell M1375.4, one of the first low viscosity ATFs. for some reason those transmissions aren't permitted to use LV.
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The 5R110 I had, on the '04 E-350 6.0 PSD, was flusned/serviced with Kendall VersaTrans LV around 100K, it worked fine until it lost reverse at 250K-and that van was worked hard every day of it's life! Even pulled a trailer back to Columbus the last time I drove it (just not in reverse).
As far as fluid goes i use what it says on the dipstick. I just did my '06 with a new pan and filter upgrade and it took 10 quarts. I dropped pan and let drain over nite. You can Google pan filter upgrade plenty of info on that. No need for bypass filter either. Sorry I don't have time to post link.