Copying DVDs -- all legally done, of course

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Jun 2, 2003
With a PC, I believe you use DVD Decrypter, copy the DVD to your hard drive and then burn it using DVD Shrink. What similar software is out there for the Intel Mac?
Well, I'm really not interested in shrinking file size. A 2 hour movie is about 4GB and a dual layer disc holds 9GB, right? By the way, I haven't been to a Blockbuster or other rental place since about '98. [Big Grin]
DVD Shrink has an option not to compress at all. it compresses by default. I had to find the option and "tell" it not to compress, and make and exact copy of the original dvd. After doing that, I could not tell any difference between the original and the copy. it looked and played great. (not that I thought the compressed copy was was really fine, too.)
Carbonics, You could try DVD Shrink set not to compress, as 97tbird suggests, or DVDFab decrypter to rip movies from a DVD to your HD in its 7-8 gig size. And it will not take a few hours, maybe 40 minutes for the whole disc depending on your drive. But since most of us do not have double layer DVD-Rs we have to compress the movie to fit on a 4.7 gig discs. The quality goes down but it's the best way to backup our movies.
yes it can be copied quickly, I use smartripper. Very true you can do an almost 1 to 1 copy without compression if you have a dual layer burner, most don't as it was a stop gap solution until HD-DVD hit earlier this year. just saying that a transcoder pretty much rapes your video source, it just removes half the data. play a transcoded dvd on a big tv and you will be disappointed
dvd shrink is a transcoder, most of the one click copiers are transcoders - they are horrid. a transcoder acts like a comb, it sweeps across the video frame by frame and removes half of the data, resulting in pixelation during fast movement scenes. the only real way to ensure a quality (yes quality) backup is to re-encode the mpeg2 video... easiest way is to use dvd-rb (dvd rebuilder) on pc, not sure on a mac, but re-encoding the video results in a FAR superior picture quality than using a transcoder, of course it can take between 2 and 8 hours per movie depending on your CPU.... but then again who cares, you bought that big powerful cpu to do something, right? takes 3 to 4 hours on my P4 3.0ghz per movie, time well spent IMO... I just do other stuff while it goes, over before I know it. probably not real efficient if you are renting 3 movies a day from blockbuster and returning them the same day though - but you guys wouldn't be doing that.
I tried the DVD-rebuilder but it kept bombing. Not sure what the cause was because the error was not descriptive at all. Uninstalled it and went back to my DVD Shrink since I didn't see any benefit of figuring it out.
if you have a dual layer burner then there won't be a benefit over a 1 to 1 copy with shrink. not sure of the error, could be due to a missing link to an external encoder or something, it's sort of just a shell for a bunch of other programs that work together and it links to other programs used to encode the video.
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