Cooper Discover CTS

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Oct 31, 2009
Does anybody have opinions on this tire. We are getting a set for our escape, to replace the Continentals that are currently on there. Tire size will be 235/70/16
It's a decent highway tire, better and worse stuff out there.. I guess it would depend on the price how good a deal they are.
I'm getting a set installed for $470.00, thought they couldnt be too bad for that price plus they got a 70k or 75k tread life warranty.
Seems decent price.. Some people were saying they get loud and noisy. Do you get a 30day satisfaction guarantee?
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CR tested the Discoverer CTS among its most recent crop of light truck tires. Its worst score was a "Fair" for rolling resistance. Most other scores were either "Good" or "Very Good", with the one exception being "Excellent" for dry braking. As stated before, there are better and there are worse. If it's not too late, consider the brand new Continental CrossContact LX20.
I think I'll give the Coopers a shot as there is a $150 price different between the two sets and the Continentals that are on the Escape now are the nosiest tires I have ever had.
A co-worker has a 2009 Escape with the OEM Continental Contitracs and it sounds like riding in an old Hilux with 33" mud terrains...that sucker is LOUD. He hates them, and says he'll ride them out for a while until they're worn down.
I can't believe how loud the set that is on it now is for as mild of tread pattern the tires have. But the Coopers go on next Tuesday and I am taking the Escape instead of the Compass for the week and see how they are.
My co-worker's Continentals have cupped so badly, they're beyond saving with rotation. Check alignment also, if it hasn't been done. He bought his used, but he won't pay for an alignment check.
We put a set of these CTS's on my wifes 2005 Expedition about 5000 miles ago, quiet and smooth. I have personally had good experiences with Cooper tires. I also got a great deal on them through I would recomend them, there are better tires but I was not able to find any in the price range.
I too had Cooper CTS put on my 2010 Tahoe. First impressions are smooth, quiet, track well, and a little stiff compared to the Goodyear HP they replaced. Good tire so far. Will need to submit an update after some snow. Priced well below most competitors in my larger size.
About 5000 miles on them so far. I believe they lowered my fuel economy by .5 mpg or so, but not a scientific comparison. Good in rain, handle well in dry conditions. Had some light snow and ice, did well. Good traction both to move the truck and to stop the truck. Definately recommend these for a large SUV.
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