Cooling system flush and fill

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I'm not sure if you can rent it .. but look up AirLift purchased for myself ... Made in Canada ... Used by many oems like Porsche for example super neat tool ... I saw some knock offs as well
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^^^Indeed a great unit.

Many mfgrs publish precise instructions for refilling modern cooling systems. On our GM fleet trucks the upper radiator hose is the real filler neck and if not done correctly you can damage the engine with steam pockets and hot spots...
^ Upper radiator hose is my favorite too. Thought I was being sneaky.

With a funnel in its end and the thing stretched a couple feet above the rest of the engine it gets enough pressure to burp various bubbles.
Do a drain/refill by removing the radiator drain plug or pulling the lower rad hose. You can also pull the engine block drain plug to get more coolant out if you can access it. Don't bother using any flushing chemicals that you can't get out completely.
So which is better? Going the upper rad hose way or the Lisle Spill free funnel and running the motor to burp it through the funnel? (Also I hear to have the front of the car up on ramps to help push bubbles forward to the rad cap filling area).
I'd invest in the lisle funnel if I did it every day for a living.

I keep track of what comes out and am naturally alarmed when 1/2 gallon of air remains locked somewhere despite my initial efforts of squeezing hoses, running for a few seconds, etc. Probably varies from car to car.
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