coolant capacity 06 lacross 3.8

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The cooling system capacity is 11.6 quarts, so 1.5 gallons sounds about right for a drain and fill, although it may be a little less or a little more. If you are going to do just a drain and fill, I would buy the 50/50 premix.

If you plan on doing a distilled water flush (which I would do to get all of the old coolant out), then what you want to do is drain the system, close the drain, refill with distilled water, run it for a bit to mix the remaining coolant with the new water, drain, and repeat until the drained water comes out clear (probably 4 to 5 drain and fill cycles). Then add 5.8 qts (or round up to 1.5 gallons) of straight coolant (not premixed) and top off with distilled water.
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i have had the coolant changed twice in the last 8 years,,,4 1/2 yrs the first time and a little over three years ago for the last coolant's dex cool, and it's very clean,,,i don't see a reason to do a complete drain, flush and fill again...unless someone else thinks that just a drain and fill is a bad idea...thanks
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Just buy two gallons of 50/50 pre mix and save the extra half a jug or so for top off.

+1 you will need to check and top off for a couple days as the air is evacuating the system. Even a good purge can't get everything
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