Cooking alcohol.

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Jul 26, 2003
New Zealand
I've just scored a green bottle from China called ''Salted Cooking Liquor.'' It's 80.5% water 18% alcohol and 1.5% salt. Brand name is Waihai Bridge....sounds like somewhere in New Zealand.

So, what is it, and what can I use it for?
Asian cooking...

The salt (at least in Oz) means that it can be sold without a liquor licence, at supermarkets and specialty stuff.

If it's clear, it will be pretty tasteless (bar the salt), and I don't have much of a use for it (don't know whether it's supposed to give some kick to cold rice noodle rolls or something...never looked that hard.

The "brown" liquid stuff adds a similar flavour to sherry or the like added to soups and stir fries (add less salt/soy if you use it), and is cheaper than using sherry etc.
It's clear, and I'd say pretty well tasteless...maybe I could marinate something in it. If people drink hand sanitiser, they'd into this stuff for sure.
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