conventional oil for VW 2.0

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Mar 6, 2004
Yeah I know many people recommend to use full synthetic for the VW. I got a 02 VW Jetta GLS 2.0 so its not a high performance engine and I don't think synthetic is required for this engine. I would like to do 3000-5000 intervals using conventional oil. So which do would you recommend me to use? 5W-30, 10W-30, 10W-40, 15W-40, 20W-50? By the way the car doesn't consume too much oil. I was thinking about using 15W-40, but not sure if it will really drop my gas mileage or affect catalyst activity. Thanks for any replies.
With your climate (never gets below freezing, correct?), I'd go with a good 10W-30 year 'round, something like Chevron Supreme or Pennzoil w/Purebase. And use original VW oil filters, they're probably made by a good company like Mann or Mahle.
Doesn't get very cold here in SF, lowest probably in the 40s, and highs around 70s. The thing I wanted to get clarify is that if I use thicker than what they recommend, I heard something like it will not lubricate that well. And using a 10W-30 instead of 5W-30, would it reduce my fuel economy? Yes I use the Mann filters which is just like the VW OEM.
Chevron 10W-30 is readily available here in No. California and should work very well for you. I highly doubt that you will see any difference in fuel economy between a 5W-30 and a 10W-30. In theory they are both the same viscosity once at operating temperatures. The 10W-30 is likely to be a little more stable than the 5W-30, which is a good thing with the relatively small oil capacity of the VW. Costco stocks Chevron Supreme by the case if you are so inclined. John
Any 15w-40 works. My BOSCH Mechanic uses Castrol RX 15w-40 in all cars that do not get Syntec 5w-50. Pennzoil LL 15w-40 was my pick for a friend's neglected 2001 VW 2.0.
Anything but conventional 5W-30... About ambient temps in SF: we do get easily 90 degrees here in the summer. If you go to Marin, Sonoma, and Napa, you'll encounter over 100 degrees. [ May 15, 2004, 12:55 AM: Message edited by: moribundman ]
Here is what the factory service manual specifies for your 2.0 liter Jetta: When using energy conserving oils (ie: friction modified): For all temperatures: 5W-30 5W-40 10W-30 10W-40 When using non-energy conserving oils: For all temperatures: 5W-50 10W-50 10W-60 For temperatures below 15º C: 5W-30 5W-40 10W-30 10W-40 For temperatures above -5º C: 15W-40 15W-50 20W-40 20W-50 These viscosities are directly out of the VW factory manual. I would use a 10W-30 oil that has the 'energy conserving' mark in the API label - most likely I'd choose Pennzoil but that's just a personal preference. Don't forget to do your 2 year brake fluid change since you're at the 2 year mark.
I guess I will use 10W-30 for this car, since other car uses 10W-30 a case of oil for both cars. Hey thanks for the reminder of the 2 year brake fluid change. The manual doesn't really make it clear on what other choices to use. Just says that the car was filled with 5W-40 and that you can use 5W-40. Then on the bottom says if 5W-40 or 5W-30 was not avilable, then use any oils that works for your environment. Thanks for the above list, really gives an idea what is for the car. Factory manual must have a lot of information and goes beyond the user manual. The Mobil 1 and Castrol oil finder list a limited selection and different reccomendation. Better trust the list from the service manual. Again thanks for all the suggestions and advice.
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