Conventional + now a blend; synthetic on the way?

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Sep 26, 2010
I could not resist. When I saw this at Wally tonight, I could not help but think about my fellow BITOG'ers and our conversations about conventional versus blends versus synthetics. crackmeup
Well, it's better than soy oil, but not as good as peanut oil. Besides, it may only have 5% peanut so it could be that straight canola is better. Did you get a PDS? What are its MRV and HTHS values?? crzy shocked2 hornets
That is lousy. The only oil of value is he exotic Antartctic coconut oil, that other stuff from peanuts is just sludge that has been treated fancy. Didnt you see the lawsuit??? And soy? Thats nothing but government subsidy. I WANT MY VALUE, none of this fake stuff... ONLY GIVE ME ANTARCTIC COCONUT OIL OR ELSE MY FRYING RECIPE WILL FAIL!
You end up paying a lot for what is mostly canola with a little bit of peanut thrown in. If you want a blend it would be better to buy them separately and mix them yourself. Just be sure to get them from the same manufacturer. If you go with say Crisco canola then don't get Wesson peanut. They wont mix as well as all Wesson or all Crisco.
I've heard they are using the blend now since Butterballs new specs for turkey basically require the lower NOACK volatility of peanut oil. Some of the fryers have been having deposit issues using older oils.
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