Conventional Dexron III ATF

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Aug 27, 2002
Want to drain/fill ATF for Toyota V6 by myself. Here is list of dino ATF in my mind: Chevron Pennzoil Quaker State Havoline Mobil ATF (non-synthetic) Valvoline What one is better ? comments .. experience ..? plesssssssssss I saw many motor oil analysis talked in this forum. Anyone has spec. or oil analysis about ATF fluid. Any effect to mix old ATF fluid with fresh one ? Any analysis about mixture.
I have mixed synthetic ATF with orginal drain and fill on many cars, including my Camry. Did the first drain and fill on Camry at 25,000 and then every 30,000 for me. Now 147,000. The fluids are compatible
I just bought the quaker state multi-vehicle ATF for my 2001 Camry trans. Sold at Walmart. It's $2.80 a quart but is a Group III blend and will give you extra protection at high temps. A transmission specialist I trust is adamant that heat wears out trans oil. If you can keep the oil cool or use high quality oil you will extend the life of the fluid. [ September 11, 2002, 08:04 PM: Message edited by: jjbula ]
I'm getting ready to have my chevy dealer change the transmission fluid in my '99 S-10 and I am wondering if anyone knows who make the Goodwrench ATF?
freeman, another ATF you could consider using is genuine Toyota Dexron ATF. Toyota dealers now stock (or can easily order) this fluid and it is specially forumated to Toyotas exacting standards. Some Camry and Avalon V6's require the use of genuine Toyota Type T-IV fluid so be sure to check your owners manual before pouring in a Dexron III fluid into your V6 tranny.
i just used valvalines new dextron 3 with added shudder protection and i got to say WOW. hehe i never experiance this smoother NEw car like shifting in my automatic before. usually with this brand before their new formula the car wouldnt be smooth in i can enjoy my ride
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