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Dec 20, 2003
Melbourne Australia
Does anyone have any experience with these tyres ?

I have read the reviews over at Tyre/Tire Rack, and they seem less than complimentary, the main issues/complaints seem to be soft sidewalls and poor wheel balance.

Any other experiences would be appreciated.
I had some continentals on an LC Torana 138 automatic nearly 20 years ago.

I doubt that my experience is relevent here.
I almost got those for My Tbird, and at the last moment turned away from them due to a bad experience of a friend with those, and went with the w rated Yoko AVS db S2 tires(225/60/16)... I'm really staisfied with them so far...not to mention the killer looks
hmm...I didn't know that, Losiho; they sure don't hace the avs db s2 anymore..I was thinking of getting them again when my present set of tires wear out

I guess I'll have to reseach again..perhaps this new one is also good? Did you see it on tire rack? they sometimes have reviews of tires.

Good luck. I think Yoko tires are good, and a have a pretty good reputation.
what kind of car?
I'm from Australia - I'm not sure if the AVS db S2 are still available in the USA. I've checked out Tire Rack's reviews, but they don't seem to have the same tyres as we do down here.

The new tyres are for my folk's Lexus LS400 - 225/60/WR16. Also considering the Bridgestone Turanza ER50, but I believe these tyres are also not available in the USA :
Good! Let us know how you like those...I also like the way Yoko AVS looks.

I'm slowly starting to research tires for wifey's 2003 Elantra now.
In the T-bird I think I'll go with the Yoko AVS db s2 again, when the time comes, and if it's available at that time.
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