ConsumerGuide Automotive : Test drive of '22 MAZDA CX-9 Signature

Apr 27, 2010
Might as well buy a E.V. or hybrid at same price range or less .

Front end looks looks like, :LOL:
Looks great and a good driving vehicle too. We almost bought one until the wife said she wanted to just look at minivans. Once we did that, she was hooked on the vans. :/
I'd be curious to see how it performs next to the 3.7. My parents had one, and it never felt taxed. I think it looks great.
I'm not in love with the looks of the grill on the cx-9... but I absolutely abhor the looks of one of those Lexus SUV's... the hourglass is gigantic, and it tapers back from a leading edge that is at mid grill... So the taper is fine as it goes up, but it also tapers as it goes down 🙁. That reverse taper is so Art Deco - look of motion and speed. ***** Lexus 🙁 SUV.
What's up with these atrocious grilles? I saw a new Hyundai Genesis wagon thingy and the grille was downright comedic. Only a small portion of it was actually hollow, and the rest of it was just etched into the plastic. I was wondering if it escaped off a National Lampoon film set or something :ROFLMAO: .This current fad makes cars look like they have some kind've inbred genetic issue. Are their designers high on something while they're at the drawing board?