Consumer Guide : Cheap cars of '77 are ...

The prices of the options, in today's money, can be kind of crazy. For example, the Pinto has a MONO AM/FM Radio option for $135.

An online inflation calculator I used says that's about $600 in today's money. $600 for a crap-tastic Philco radio, holy cow.
what car can we buy at less than 10K$ ?
It's gota good radio?

Trouble here is prices matched wages then. No 1 struggled
to make a car payment unless buying out of their sensable bracket.
That's Y these rigs had 4, 5 motor options for the buyer, 3, 4 trannies,
vert, coup, sedan, wagon and an elcamino or ranchero model. The wage
dollar went further cuz items matched, otherwise Y would a car co offer so
many options (it was to try to draw more of the market, more buyers). Today it's
not even a close match for the majority. Back then housing was less than a 1/4 of
income. Now guidelines say 30% - it keeps going up. I gotta look out being on SocSec
which is "a fixed income" (semi-retired).
Pinto and Vega would be compacts, competing with stuff like Spark, Mirage, Versa, right? 30k is what I’d expect for something closer to full sized.
sorry, not following "new" market.
Real wages fall compaired to purchases (about 50 yrs now...

Whats today's pinto/vega/vedub bug cost now (I remember 1995$ last I looked '71/2).
I see alota fits & veras models, must B bottom of mrkt?
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