ConocoPhillips And A Certain National Enthusiast/Lobbying Body

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Jan 16, 2003
Southern California
Please, do NOT respond on the forum to this post. It's just a headsup that might explain some of the unwarranted comments about the ConocoPhillips synthetic blend motor oils such as TropArtic. [Wink]
Well..I'm responding anyway. [Smile] That's a tough one, but the company certainly has the right to keep its property gun free if it chooses. So its really not a 2nd Ammendment issue. Of course you could argue that you loose the security of going to work without being able to carry.
I can hear the creak of the gates closing this tropartic topic as we speak... What if Dollar Tree banned firearms, or the captain of the boat that brought the base stocks over from Persian sands? Or the commodoties trading company? What if you could have bought a used car but it had "that brand" of oil on its windshield reminder sticker? Or a new Ford with CP-supplied motorcraft oil?
I guess people can sleep well feeling warm and fuzzy that they have boycotted some evil corporation that disagrees with one view point. I come here to discuss oil related topics and do not care about some corporate civil rights policy. I buy what I want from who I want and at the best price I can get. If people digged hard enough, every corporation has baggage to some degree. I leave politics to the politicians I elect. Also why would the original poster assume everybody here would have this view point? Last time I checked, this was not " Bob is the REPUBLICAN oil guy" forum. Hootbro
Not open for further replies.