Conoco oil

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Feb 22, 2006
How much is Syncon™ High Performance Synthetic Engine Oil and Hydreclear in your region?Thank you.
In the United States, that product is NOT marketed, at least under that name. Phillips 66 has a synthetic blend "Trop Artic" product that sells for $1.48/qt in my local Wal-Mart store. That's about 11.8 Chinese Yuan Renminbi. Motorcraft is made by Conoco and sells for $2.3/qt in a local parts store. That's about 18.5 Chinese Yuan Renminbi Most Conoco synthetic blends are more pricy than Trop Artic, but my local store doesn't carry them, or I don't remember them. As far as a full synthetic goes, I also don't have that available locally from a Conoco brand..
i live in southwest connecticut, last time i ever saw tropi arctic here, was when i was 19, i am 31 now, in our, at the time, our local Woolworths store. since woolworths folded up and moved out, its not here in hte northeast, not even wally worlds sells it: ( supertech they have,yes.
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