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May 27, 2002
Retired | Wausau, WI
Since I could not post this under the sponsor section I will post it here. Congratulations Castrol USA for becoming a sponsor of BITOG. Thanks for stepping up to the plate. I am impressed, and that's saying something from a retired Pennzoil employee.
Wow, that is great! maybe we can get them to do something about fixing their website and oil selection tool? and getting HTHS numbers on product datasheets like on other country Castrol product sheets?
Reinforces my opinion that BITOG is probably visited frequently by the major mfgs. I think it's great that Castrol has stepped up their visibility here and also extend a welcome.
That's awesome! Judging by the huge stash of GC I have in my garage right now, can I get an "indirect" site sponsor avatar now? (j/k) [Cheers!]
I would think alot of oil companys look at this site for feedback and market research. What better way to find out what the consumer thinks. Now we just have to get Fram to listen.
[Welcome!] A big Welcome to Castrol USA!!! It would be a big plus if Castrol established an active presence on the board. Hopefully, we will have the opportunity for some "oil talk" with a member of the Castrol technical staff!
It'll be great to talk to some Castrol reps here. No doubt about it. Maybe we can get 'em to start making green GC again!
When I pulled up this site this morning I was surprised by the banner. Nice to see it! Perhaps we will get more specific information about the US batches - HTHS, 40c and 100c visc. data, etc.
I echo others statements. [Welcome!] Castrol! Maybe since there's an entire forum dedicated to German Syntec 0w-30, it got their attention [Wink]
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