Comparison of two Mahle oil filters, OC 711 vs OC 575

SW Ontario Canada
The reason for this post is that I have 2 Mahle OC 711 filters left over from when I had my 2013 Nissan Maxima with the VQ35DE engine. The 2019 Infiniti QX60 I have now takes - if you 100% trust the folks (herren) at Mahle, the OC 575 filter.

The OC 711 is the same diameter, same M20 x 1.5 thread, but is about 8-10mm taller than the OC 575. I have not found any information about bypass pressures for either one, The 2013 Maxima lived on 5w30 Synthetic. The 2019 QX60 specifies 0w20 and that's all I want to use, it is now running PP 0w20 and a OC 575 filter.

There is room for a taller filter, so the OC711 will fit just fine...but should I use it? or is there a reason that you might know for Nissan to spec an even smaller filter for this Direct Injected VQ35DD?

Thanks for your insights,
I have an OC575 on a Frontier with the QR series 4. Seems to work so far. It’s smaller than a PH6607 filter, same size as a Hi-Flo for a Japanese bike.
use-d the OC 575 on my air cooled 865 bonnevilles + now the water cooled 900 + 1200 + like wix that has slightly longer fitment. the wix site shows cellouse for the longer one 51356 + modified cellulose for the shorter 51358 filter + silghtly different bypass pressure! the same but slightly different seems to be the norm these days