Color/smell of new oil?

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Oct 11, 2002
Pullman WA
I noticed that some posters here have noticed some differences in the color and smells of oils. I recently bought some Chervon supreme and the stuff almost looks completely clear, it kind of suprised me, for another car of mine I bought some castrol GTX and noticed it was a lot darker, and on the back of the container of GTX it says that from time to time the color/smell of their oil will change due to enhancements. Are these color/smell differences in oils due to the additive packages? Any info would be helpful.
i have looked into that before and i agree differnt oils smell differnt and also put outo differnt emmisions. castrol is kinda a dark colored more smelling oil compared to penzioil with pure base which i sreally clear and burns clean. i think its just whwat is in the oil that they use to protect the engine. taking it a step further...differnt oils smell different when my mobil drive clean is kinda a dim smell of exaust but castrol was really smellin lik oil...i dont have any info to back my statement up though..only my nose..
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