Color of Amsoil fairly Dark at 2,800 miles

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Nov 16, 2002
I'm running Series 2000 0w-30 right now and while checking the oil today, I noticed it was fairly dark. I only have 2,800 miles on the oil. I've run M1 and Amsoil the last two times so I don't know why it is so dark already. M1 stayed lighter longer, and I believe the Amsoil 5w-30 did as well. Any ideas why this is happening? I'm supposed to take this oil to 6K-8K miles for analysis, but if it becomes darker, I'm more likely to shorten the drain interval. I know color doesn't always mean the oil is bad.
Maybe it's time for me to use my AutoRx?
It sounds like it's cleaning out some old carbon deposits. I wouldn't worry about the color, just do analysis to prove that it isn't too gunked up. Auto-Rx probably isn't a bad idea if you want to get to where the oil stays cleaner longer. The Mobil 1 at 2900 miles in my new engine looked pretty dark when I sampled it. It still had some brown when wiped against a white towel, but in a jar it looked almost black.
It's still a 30wt. oil though. These 0w's might not be the best for my car. I'll step up to a 10w next time.

Originally posted by buster:
It's still a 30wt. oil though. These 0w's might not be the best for my car. I'll step up to a 10w next time.

I don't think the 0w oils should have anything to do with it because it still has a higher viscosity when cold than 30w does when hot. So it's the hot weight you need to worry about I think. How about going to a 40 weight oil? Mobil 0w40 or whatever Amsoil offers. Schaeffers has some good offerings to for less money too. Plus, I wouldn't worry so much about the color unless the engine is using too much oil or analysis looks bad.
I agree, I don't think the 0w should have anything to do with it. Maybe my driving has been more rough lately. A 30 or 40wt. from Mobil or Amsoil will be my choice this summer. The oil should be fine though.
Buster, here's what I don't understand. You participate in tons of threads around here, one of which discussed the different detergent properties of the brands. It was noted that Amsoil tends to be more detergent than a lot of other brands, even over Mobil 1. Why then is it suprising that the oil in your car is getting darker faster with Amsoil?

BTW, there is also a difference between the 0W-30 and 5W-30 in terms of detergency as well. As Tooslick and Molakule have noted many times, it's probably the greater concentration of organic esters in that formula.
Excellent point, MDV!

Buster, really - the only thing you can tell from the color of the oil is the color of the oil. Different levels of detergents, different times of year, different driving styles, and interaction between different oils can affect the color. The 0W-30 and the 5W-30 diesel are two of the strongest oils on the market. It's working well!

Pedal - cool saying. I wouldn't act on it, tho.

Cheers all, Andy

Originally posted by buster:
MDV, this is the second time I've run the 0w-30. The first time I ran it, it didn't get this dark.

I didn't realize this was your second change with the 0W-30. Do you have any analysis results?

I think AndyH posted some good reasons on the color change.

I think there are some VOA floating around for Amsoil 0W-30 and 5W-30. If not, there are definitely some in the spreadsheet. There are some noticeable differences between the two weights.
MDV, no I havn't run any analysis. I wish I did though. I never thought of running analysis on my car, but ever since I started posting on this site, I've decicded to do so as it is the only way to really know what is going on. I average 4K miles per month so it's not a big loss. AndyH made good points. I'm not really concerned about it, just surprised more then anything. Hey, if it is cleaning that well, great!

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MDV, this is the second time I've run the 0w-30. The first time I ran it, it didn't get this dark. I changed it around 7k miles. From what I've read, people have not seen any difference in the 0w,5w and 10w formulas. Maybe in terms of detergents, it is higher. I also don't think there that much of a difference in detergents between M1 and Amsoil to cause the oil to get this dark so quickly. If the series 2000 is this much better in terms of detergents, I'm happy with that.
I'm going to have it analyzed in a month. That will tell what is going on.

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I have been using Amsoil 0W-30 since around 1996. The oil in my 2001 GMC has been in there since Oct. 2002, some 4000 miles since then. Just checked it this AM, still on the full mark and it is dark. They next time I will change oil is Oct. 2003, no matter what the miles. Will probably change filter April or May. Been doing it like this since 1977 and find no reason to change my habits now.

Sound llike you are trying to talk yourself out of using it and this is the best excuse you can find.

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0w-30 hasn't been around that long and why on earth would I talk mysefl out of using it? That makes no sense. I'm going to run analysis on many weights this up coming year to find out what works best in my car. If the 0w works best, I'll stick with it. I'm not a dealer and am not partial to any one brand.
Sorry but 0W-30 Series 2000 was introduced in 1996 and that when I started using it.

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