College car update

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Apr 28, 2003
Katy, Texas
I did decarbonization before I changed the oil and it drove great afterwards. I changed the oil to Delo with the FL1A size filter. It drove great. It was a little sluggish at first due to the new weight of oil (15w40 vs 10w30) but it felt better after putting 50 miles on the car. After about 10 miles on the new oil, I added a bottle of Valvoline Synpower Oil Treatment (not the Engine treatment in the 32oz bottle). Motorbike posted results of a VOA and UOA with motor oil mixed with this additive and it is good stuff. I used this on my last OCI with the Mopar brand oil and it came out really black so I know it is doing its job. After adding the oil treatment and it mixed in, the Jeep drove even better. The moly content of the Synpower mixed with the basestock of the Delo made the engine smooth and quiet. I drove to Sugar Land (about 20 miles) today and drove it hard and it was smooth all the way to redline. Best of all, NO MORE VALVE TAP!!!! This Jeep is ready for my day trip to LSU on Wednesday and after some maintainence items, it will be ready for the fall semester. Thanks for the advice. My family and I appreciate it. (especially to TheTanSedan)
Been wondering about this additive. Glad you had such good results. Keep us up-to-date as you put more miles on it. That Delo is really good stuff from using it in my 253,000 mile toyota. The stuff really cleans out the engine so I would change it quickly the first time you use it. Say 3000-4000 miles. Mine turned black quickly but I was doing an auto-rx treatment and it was cleaning out lots of stuff. Good luck at college!
It has been driving great. I'm leaving in 7 hours and when I get back to Katy, I will report the findings of the Jeep's first road trip with my family and I.
The Jeep performed flawlessly!!! It was averaging 2250 rpm, averaging 75 mph (85 when I had to find a bathroom and that took about 45 min) and 21 mpg on the highway (cruise control was busy being activated and deactivated). The suspension handled the bumps but I believe there is a nasty squeak under the front suspension. It may be a ball joint going out or something loose. I'll adjust it tomorrow. The engine was quiet (the 4.0L really does like a 40wt) but the rear differential was not! That's the Dana 35C axle for ya. The temperature never made it to 195F, which is normal operating temperature. It makes me wonder if this is the reason why my gas mileage is poor. It needs a tune up so that may fix it. The reason why I went, to try out for the LSU Tiger Band. Someone was watching over me today because I made it.
Originally posted by JeepZJ4.0: The reason why I went, to try out for the LSU Tiger Band. Someone was watching over me today because I made it.
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