Cold weather driving GDI

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Not a GDI but I just emptied my catch can on my 83 Caprice today and it's been driven about 1200-1500 miles short trips in extremely cold weather lately. Way less moisture than I have seen in some people's catch can pics for some reason.
Yeah I'm getting maybe twice as much as that with the same mileage. Then again I'm using probably a much lighter weight oil and have GDI. The water bubbler system sounds interesting.
Twice as much moisture or total fluid? I did expect much more white junk in there from the pics I have seen on here. I drive a few miles each way to work and lately its been pretty cold most mornings. I'm using Mobil 1 high mileage 5w30. Around 236k miles on the engine. Leaks/uses a qt every 2k on average. In the summer I use a thicker oil.
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Thanks for the link Trav! Mother Earth News. I'm sure that's where we got the idea but the issue is a little later than our experiments. Also, I forgot about the alcohol. It was a bit pricey for us and didn't work that well.
I did one years ago on a mid 60's Beetle using a 1qt jar an air stone and valve from the aquarium dept at Woolworths and some vacuum hose, total cost was about 2 bucks. Even without a vacuum switch the old air cooled engine go hot fast so no issues when cold. You only regulate the vacuum source, nothing on the inlet so you get the stone bubbling like crazy and making a lot of droplets. The droplets are what gets drawn into the engine so its nothing like a true water injection system. The results were very little if any MPG increase but the engine did idle noticeably smoother and seemed to pull better with less right foot movement when hitting a small grade in top gear. It worked but the question, is it worth the trouble?