Coffee or wine


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Nov 28, 2014
Steilacoom, WA
Wine for me…
I wanted a glass of wine last night after completing a18-hour workday, and today I am off today after 30 straight days of work. I am enjoying a cup of freeze-dried coffee, wondering, thinking, and planning. Had I drunk a glass or two of wine last night, I would be not so bright eyed this morning.
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I don't drink coffee so it's wine for me. I like to stick with organic wine to avoid the next morning red wine headache.
Worked 3rd shift right out of HS. Recession at the time in 91 in my area. Took a full time job about 20 miles from my house. Was happy, full time with benefits --- ate pussy/snapper/women/toys in my 20s. Still working 3rd shift --- "Never did I try a cup of coffee till I was 35. Soo, Coffee
is my CHOICE!!!