Coca cola issues lately.

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Mar 15, 2013
So coke has always been our soda of choice. A month ago we got a 24 pack and the can was empty just forgot to fill it well whatever I thought no big deal. Then tonight we are doing a little movie night and I grab a coke from thought he fridge take a drink and it was all I could do to not spit it out. Had a strong chemical like tashe to it. I.didn't throw it out and I plan on calling them tomorrow but was curious if anyone else has experienced a problem Like this?
Anytime I buy a soda I always get a Mexican Coke,Dublin DP,root beer,or grape soda (all the real cane sugar formulas). I can't stand the high fructose corn syrup stuff.

I'll be curious to hear what Coca Cola says,keep us posted.
The real can sugar sodas areally better but are far and few between around here. But when we see them we pick up a few definitely a good treat.
During the late 1970s to make extra money I would work for Coca Cola USA driving tanker truck of their syrup concentrate to the bottlers. At that time they were using high quality ingredients in their products,ultimate quality control, now they use corn syrup, chemicals artificial flavors nasty stuff!. Bleh. Sodas aren't really the best thing to put into you body these days. No I am not telling you to drive a Mazda. But think about it.
Aquariuscsm, DP foolishly sued the Dublin DP Bottling company and stopped them from producing Dublin DP. Really short sighted.
Where are you from that you are familiar with Dublin DP?
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Aquariuscsm, DP foolishly sued the Dublin DP Bottling company and stopped them from producing Dublin DP. Really short sighted.
Where are you from that you are familiar with Dublin DP?

I'm not the one you asked, but,
yeah, Long legal battle, but big soda eventually won out. interestingly enough though, unless you bought it @ Old Doc's Soda Shop, In Dublin,TX, it was Produced for them by another corporate Dr.Pepper/7Up Bottler in TX.

I was Introduced to it by my brother who lives in DFW, and a few years back, we took a trip down to Fredricksburg, and stopped into the store in Dublin. they weren't bottling that day, but I left with a bumpersticker (on my Fridge), and picked up a t-shirt.

after the suit was settled, they can no longer make DrPepper, but they had bottling rights for Triple XXX Root Beer, and came up with some new flavors, and were sure to include Dublin in all the names: "Dublin Vintage Cola","Dublin Retro Grape". "Dublin Retro Creme Soda", "Dublin Cherry Limeade", "Dublin Vanilla Creme","Dublin Orange Creme", "Dublin Tart-N-Sweet Lemonade"
When I was passing through Toronto's Pearson airport I bought a bottle of Coke. The ingredients did not include fructose syrup, it was made from sugar. It tasted different also.
You can sometimes get "Kosher Coke" in the spring, it has yellow caps instead of red or white. Oddly they don't market it and even secretly mix it in with the nasty stuff.

I've switched brands for the most part to Pepsi Throwback, coke's losing out and too stupid to realize it.
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Can you get Mexican coke up north?

You can in NH.
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What is coke, exactly? Corn syrup, something brown and fizz....

It's only corn syrup in the U.S., where greedy execs will add that because it's cheaper. Seemingly everywhere else, it's sugar due to food/drink content safety laws or because wouldn't have that nasty stuff.
I gave up soda a while ago. It makes me feel sick when I try to drink it

Wonder if I could handle a cane sugar coke?
I'm sorry to report that the new Pepsi made with cane sugar just does not taste good. Now, Mexican, Passover/kosher coke, that's the real thing.

It has been reported that in Mexico, Coke is switching to corn syrup for the domestic market. These executives just don't care about the integrity of their product.
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