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Jul 18, 2002
Does anyone have any info. on Coastal Unilube. I was test driving my car after I did some work and I stopped into Autozone to check on availability of a part and cruise the isles. I noticed they had a large selection of Coastal Unilube (5W30, 10W30 and other grades) SL rated dino oil for .98 per quart. They also had a full synthetic version (probably a group III) for $3.49 per quart. I found the Coastal Unilube website but it was pretty lame and I could not find MSDS. What's the deal with Coastal Unilube -- good, bad, indifferent. Seems like a bargain at .98 per quart. I also noticed that the Texaco products in my area stores are from Equilon EXCEPT the stuff at Autozone which says ChevronTexaco.
The O Reillys Auto parts chain oil is a Coastal product. They use it in their delivery trucks evidently with some degree of success after speaking with a manager at a local store that worked for me in the past. A Nissan truck approaching 200k,a S10 and a small Ford truck with over 150k on them. He was quick to point out that they get forgotten as far as drains go from time to time. My opinion is there are better oils in the same price range though. Walmart always has a big name oil for less than $1.10 a quart. I guess just depends on what one is after in terms of keeping a vehicle for along period of time. Oh yeah,he also added the young drivers sure wore the right rear tires out quickly and that they used 5/30 all year round. In Oklahoma,it gets above 100F and stays there in late July through August edit to 5/30 instead of the 5/50 typo [ August 30, 2002, 09:46 PM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
I've been using Chevron Supreme 10W30 ($1.08 per quart at Wallyworld). I was just curious about the Coastal stuff because most of the chain autoparts stores near me carry some Coastal (usually gear lube) but I'm starting to seem more and more of it (motor oil, diesel oil etc.). I'd rather pay the extra .10 and go with a company that is recognized for quality products.
Why I won't use any more "Coastal" products: Years ago I purchased some Coastal gear lube. I bought it because it thought it was synthetic. After I bought it I looked at it closer - The word "Blend" was in yellow and printed in such a way as to make it almost invisible. That told me something.
I have no faith in Coastal since their main product here is a Type A 50 VI ATF that is responsible for hundreds of bad power steering pumps and dozens of Automatic Transmissions failures (people see ATF and 10 cents chaper than Dexron and put it in anything)
Al, I was in an Advance Auto yeserday and I saw a big display gear lubes. There was a bottle of Coastal that said "Synthetic" in huge letters. I went over to check it out. Underneath the word Synthetic was a yellow band that had the word blend printed in it. I could see how you were pissed. At first glance I thought it was synthetic too. I probably would have missed the "blend" if I did see your comments first. Weird thing was it was almost as expensive as Mobil 1 synthetic gear lube.
when i had an old beater, i used coastal 10w-30 and HD 30 a LOT... never had a problem, seemed to do its job just fine since i burned oil... now, I see they have a "full synthetic" on the shelves from 2.50-3.50
I used to use Coastal products exclusively in our Lube shops(21 locations) in upstate NY. Pumped thousands of gallons of 5w-30 and 10w-30.Even though I bought the contract based on price, the oil never gave me any problems. They even custom-blended 5w-20 and synthetic blends just for our company, and they were all very consistent. There was never any apparent difference in performance with Coastal or the name brands that we also carried( Valvoline, Quaker-State, and Pennzoil-all bulk). By the way, my customers had thier choice of any bulk oil we carried for no increase in price! That way we could attract all the competition's customers who were brand-conscious. The name brand stuff sure was expensive, but we more than made it up on the customers that had no preference. Never had a single oil-quality complaint. Those shops average about 500 oil changes a week, so we went through a LOT of Coastal. I'm pretty sure it isn't as good as the best stuff out there, but it aint bad either. For whatever its worth, I use all Mobil 1 synthetic fluids in all my vehicles.
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