Coastal "Full Synthetic"

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May 25, 2003
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
I just went down to Autozone to dump my oil and noticed that bargain brand Coastal has a "full synthetic" oil for about $1.50/qt less than the other synthetics. Shelf price on Mobil 1 is $4.99 while the Coastal is $3.49. Does anyone know anything about Coastal or their "full synthetic"?
How does it compare to other synthetics? Anyone with any experience with Coastal? Am I getting what I'm paying for, or is its low cost an excellent value...
I guess no one here has been brave enough to test the Coastal.. [Wink] I don't blame them, neither am I. It might be an interesting one to try VOA and UOA to see how it stacks up to the more expensive name brands.
I wanting to bring this thread back up to see if anyone has tried the Full synthetic Coastal that is on the shelf at Autozone's ? It said on the label West Memphis, Ark. I wonder if that is where they have the blending plant? If so, the base stock must be shipped up the Mississippi by barge as the refinery across the river in Memphis does not produce motor oil's. This makes me wonder how much iron would be picked up in the base stock from riding in the barge for a weeks trip up river?
[Off Topic!] , but I remember when that refinery caught on fire. It looks like somebody would've tried it at some point.
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